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Dumb question, perhaps, but I’m thinking of replacing my HDX with an NDX. I have all of my HDX folders and files backed up on a home network NAS (Synology DS218). Is it just a matter of plugging and NDX into my home network and then accessing files from the NAS or is there something else going on that I am unaware of.

In case you’re wondering, I’m looking for a way to protect myself from the HDX going t_ts up on me at some time in the future (hard drives) and having a hard time getting it fixed. The folder contents on my HDX are below. Will an NDX be able to interpret these in the same was the HDX does?


You just need to run a UPnP server on your network to serve the music files to the NDX.
Your Synology NAS has a UPnP server bundled with it. You just need to log into it and enable it. Other servers such as Asset or Minimserver can also run on your NAS, and some people prefer their functionality but the basic Synology server will get you up and running for free.

One thing you should do while you still have the HDX is to set it to convert any WAV CD rips you have to FLAC. Most non-Naim software is unable to read metadata in Naim rips due to the proprietary way they store it alongside the WAV file, but this problem does not exist with FLACs.

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OK, this is where I get confused. I can access the music on the Synology with my PC, ipad and iphone without any additional software/services. This being the case, the Naim streamer needs something more from my NAS than the ipad/iphone?

Yes, a streamer (NDX) needs a UPnP Server (a simple bit of software) to send it the music data and to make it possible to browse it by displaying track titles, album artwork etc.
The HDX has a UPnP server included which would allow you to use it with a streamer. The Synology NAS has this software too, you just need to turn it on.

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I have NDX with Synology DS214 running the latest DSM7.
Chris has covered it perfectly.
I would not recommend the Synology packaged UPnP software, it’s very basic & clunky.
I’ve tried the others & found Asset UPnP does all I need plus more with my rock, jazz, folk genre mix. However if you have an extensive classical library, then you might be better off with Minimserver.

Final point, be sure to convert any of your HDX WAV files to FLAC on the HDX before you move on.

Thanks Guys. I’ll have to do some more homework on this. I only need the bare minimum of facilities so I think the Synology software will meet my needs.

OK, spent a couple of hours researching this today and am still confused. I looked up the Synology Media Server info and found the following:
Well, I haven’t got Media server installed on my DS218 but can already do all of these things (play music/videos on my TV, computer, Ipad, Iphone).
So what’s the deal? Can I just point to the DS218 from an NDX and stream like I am already (with the above devices)?

You will need to log in to the Synology NAS and instal it.

Log into the the NAS from my PC and then install the package? Which one, Audio station or Media Server?

And what about my existing ability to play music/videos from the NAS on my TV, etc, is there some sort of rudimentary server functionality in the NAS already?

Media Server for NDX

Plex is the package for AV

For the NDX you need a upnp server running on the NAS. Which is what everyone is saying. It won’t work just by the NDX looking at the files stored on your NAS.

I don’t know about your PC, TV etc but that is the way that Naim streamers like NDX work.

OK, I guess I can install the Media Server app. Just try not to have unnecessary programs on my devices!

The Media Server app runs on the NAS, in the same way that the HDX runs a UPnP server which allows it to serve music files to a streamer. It’s a simple, low power app that places very small demands on the NAS, and makes its content available to a streamer.

Synology media server is fine despite some posts to the contrary here.

I run a DS218 and it requires negligible processor power from the NAS. You can also transcode to WAV which the NDX prefers (as I do for my NDX).

Download, click run and forget about it.

It may be OK for some …… but in my experience, it transcodes 24 bit at 16 bit and has problems with gapless.

Not looking to do any transcoding, my NAS is actually the DS218play which is a bit weak for anything other than storage/backup.

Your NAS will be fine, you don’t need a powerful NAS to run a UPnP server.

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Agreed - I’ve run Synology Media Server and Asset UPnP concurrently on a DS212J for a decade without issue. I only upgraded to a DS218 when I bought new SSDs…

Yes, I meant weak for transcoding, not just serving.

As I said before, Synology Media Server software is basic, it’s that that is ‘weak’ not the Synology. Media Server has limitations with transcoding, converting 24 to 16 bit, & does not transition gapless smoothly.
Asset & Minimserver do not have these problems.

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