Music video help - which video showed nuclear blasts going off with trees torn down etc

Was it a Frankie Goes to Hollywood one, Ultravox’s Dancing with Tears in My Eyes, something else entirely or a public information film.

We are trying to explain to the kids that our concern in the late 70’s/80’s was the cold war and nuclear threats.

It was a Bowie video. Don’t know which one though.

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Don’t think it was the raunchy China Girl one! Though that might be apt - can remember getting up to watch the uncensored version on Channel 4 as a teenager.

Bizarre. Trying various FGTH mixes and found a Fruitness Mix of Welcome to the Pleasuredome. Mrs AC immediately identified the narrator as the chap from Butterflies, I said ‘no way, Geofrey Palmer doesn’t sound like that’, how wrong I was!

was it “Games Without Frontiers” ?

while on subject, always loved this album

on vinyl, of course :/)


REM came to mind

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I think the OP is thinking of the sequence that ends the film ‘The Mist’ which features a very powerful track called The Host of Seraphim by Dead Can Dance and a very post apocalyptic scene of decimation.

You can find it on Yotube if you do a search for ‘The Mist ending” or final scene.

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I’ve just figured it out, I’ve seen the footage many times in TV programmes, there’s a brief snippet in a video which I regard as utterly sublime, addressing so many issues with quick flashes of relevant imagery:

Linkin Park -What I’ve Done

If you’ve never seen this, please, please take a look, there’s more sense in this than I’ve heard from politicians in decades:

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Not your video but if you are still trying to convey the mood of the time to your kids, I reckon you could do worse than Edge of Darkness.

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