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Just like to express my thanks to Oxford Audio Consultants and Mike from Naim HQ for an interesting and enjoyable demo this morning.
It was my first time hearing the NDX2 and ND5X.
These were played through a 252 pre, 300 power and a pair of large Wilson (forget the model but possibly out of my price range…) speakers.
The sound was very good and improvements with the addition of XPS-DR and 555-DR power supplies to the NDX2 demonstrating the possible upgrades were clear.
Some interesting music was played, starting with a beautifully recorded track by female artist Shelby Lynn - if anyone knows what the track was and from which album, I’d be interested to know thanks.
I was pleased to hear the next track was by Talk Talk and “I Don’t Believe In You” which is dynamic and also moving. There was then a move to a guitar track which was superb - I’m afraid I have no idea who the performer was but this was played showing the improvements with the different power supply options.
To end the demo, Mike played a classical piece with which I was not familiar but it was great!
I took a “goody bag” away with me containing brochures from both Naim and Focal plus, an LP by Fred Simon “Remember The River” and a CD by Huey and The New Yorkers called “Say It To My Face” - both Naim releases and ones, I’m sure, I’ll enjoy listening to.
Many thanks to Oxford Audio Consultants for an enjoyable morning.


The Shelby Lynne track was probably Just a Little Lovin’

It’s the one that you usually hear at demos.


Anyone know what it was?

Nice write up Blythe. I was also there, at lunchtime (though crept in little late) and thought it sounded fantastic. The change from bare NDX2 to XPS-DR/ NDX2 was very significant. The speakers were Wilson Sasha something around £40k I believe. Very impressive indeed and thanks to Mike from Naim, and Oxford Audio for some great music in a lovely listening room.


I think Mike said he had a playlist he could send out… That would be great.

Many thanks DaveEngland, that’s the tune indeed. It’s obviously a very well produced album and that title track I really enjoyed. I’ve just ordered the CD :slight_smile:

Thanks ian123running and welcome to the Naim community forum.
I actually left at 12:15 to catch the 12:23 train home!
It did sound fantastic - even in the most “basic” setup. By basic, let’s face it, we’re talking ND5X into a 252 with Supercap and a 300 Power amp with power supply, into £40k ish speakers, so it’s certainly far from basic.
I felt it was interesting that when swapping back from NDX2+555PS back to the basic ND5X, although clearly not nearly as good, it still made great sounding music.
For the money, I liked the NDX2 with the XPS. The 555PS is LOT of money!
Although I liked the Wilson Sasha, particularly their really sweet treble, as with a lot of ported speakers, I felt the bass a little overblown for my tastes.
They were quite far away from the rear wall but maybe, they would really have benefitted with a little more space behind them?
Apart from the really lovely treble of the Wilsons, I still reckon my NBL’s measure up pretty well.
If anyone does get a playlist from Mike at Naim, I’d be interested in seeing it posted here.

Blythe - yes, agree. Personally I’m just in the middle of getting a new listening room set up which seems bass-light at the moment - so I actually enjoyed the powerful bass in Oxford! I seem to like systems that seem to energise / boss the room if you know what I mean.
And thanks for the welcome! I’ve been on the old forums for many years though have posted only rarely. My Naim journey started with a very early NAC12 and a NAP160 with double-digit serial number which I still regret selling.

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Listening rooms can be a pain…
Thankfully, last year I moved listening rooms and I was happy with the way it worked and, in fact I got more bass (but still controlled) than I’ve had for the past 5 years.
So when I heard even more bass at the demo, I just found it a little overbearing!
I still have a Nait1 albeit in the loft.

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