Music works ultra reflex Gen3

Our main room is not up for a complete refurbishment to enable dedicated spurs etc. So inspired by others like@JN who wrote about this power block, i borrowed one from Signals ,my dealer. I was using a wireworld matrix2, which i was OK with.
Well its only a few silly electrons finding there way to the amps etc , so was not expecting much. Genuinely surprised at this upgrade. A big uplift and vibrancy to the music and a lack of edginess. Well worth an audition, and worth the money. I have listened to cables at twice the price that did not move me.


It doesn’t make sense at all does it but it was a huge upgrade in my system with all the attributes you describe.

@Gazza, what mains cable did you use to connect the Music Works Ultra Reflex to the wall, or does it come with a mains cable?

It does not come with a cable, most do not, allowing you to choose your own. Musicworks have some good cables, if you believe the reviews…i am sure based on this block they are good. But i am using a Naim Power-line.

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I would give the SR range a try a few dealers I think offer the 30 day trial.

Recall man decades ago I have the original Musicworks block, think the gent was called Laurie … Worked well with a Naim active system, then I went Graham’s hydra with a 15A round pin plug.

I am using a Powerline to feed the block.

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