Musicable by Audioplan

I’ve just cleared out part of my storage, looking for LPS, when I stumbled across 7 European power cables ‘musicable’ from Audioplan, a German company.
I last used these 15 years ago whilst living in Prague. Does anyone have any experience of these cables?
They are destined for the bin …

if they are the S (schwarz = black) version, you have nice cables. The grey cables are a more basic version. Both might sell here in Germany.

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I’ll post a picture when it gets light!
I’m not looking to sell just pass on to a good home … might you be interested @Martinzero?


I’ll take a look. The grey is quite similar to Naim lavender, the more upmarket cable has a more or less transparent jacket with some black and yellow weave underneath.

Have you thought of offering them on Pink Fish, with any proceeds to charity?


No I had not, but it’s a good idea; but I see that I need to have posted on 50 occasions to be eligible to sell stuff. Or have I misinterpreted the instructions?

Kind of you to ask sir, but all well and good on the cable from here, cheers

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I don’t mind posting for you if you want. As others have said you can advertise on eBay and give proceeds to charity. Like you say, it’s a shame to have stuff lying around.

Thanks for the picture. That’s clearly a Powercord S, either first or second generation (they are at generation III now). Way too good for the bin.

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Thanks for the offer that would be really helpful.
I believe that they are Powercord S, probably 1st generation. I have 7 of the beasts.
I would know where to start with selling them. So thanks.

If you’d like to sign up on Pink Fish, message me there and we can sort it out.

Thanks … hope the msg got thru’.

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