Musical Fidelity to Uniti Star


I currently have a Musical Fidelity M5si attached to Tannoy X8TF speakers. Is use this for music and for the front channel in home theatre connected to a Yamaha RX-A1080.

My question is, has anyone moved from a M5si to a Uniti Star? What was the reason? What was the result?

Thanks in advance.


I also have the Tannoy XT 8F with Musical Fedility separates. I have seen a review that explains why many owners have mixed experience with the Tannoys. Please get a demo before you change amplification.

Thank Bshah. Can you recall where you saw the review? I think that you are saying don’t change the amplifier on its own, and to be aware of matching requirements?

Great review. Amplification mentioned near half way through the review.

Also see this thread

Thank you.

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