Musicians playing from home in lockdown. The “Please FLAG it here” thread

There have been a good number of helpful heads up posts in the last few weeks and months to flag Musicians using Social Media to play some music from home. Big thanks to all those posters. The idea behind this thread is to maybe create a single reference point for the many options now available so that forum users who are interested can readily know what’s available and pick their favourites. Over to you everyone!

This doesn’t fit the title of the thread, but I think it fits with the sentiment.

Every day the New York Met is streaming a live-recorded opera for free. Available from 11:30 pm UK time for 24 hours (and you can keep playing if started before 11:30). A different opera every day, there have been some real gems, like Tosca with Paverotti a couple of days ago. Some are better than others in sound and video quality - at first I thought it was age related, but the Tosca was from 1970s and pretty good quality.

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