MusicWorks Matrix G3 daisy chain?

Question for those more knowledgeable than me. That means most of you.
I have a dedicated radial (10mm2 armoured cable) running from a separate CU, into a double unswitched socket. 1 socket is used for the power amp via a power line, the second socket feeds a MusicWorks reflex G3 via another power line. I’m running out of sockets on the MusicWorks box, so is it possible to daisy chain another MusicWorks box onto the existing one, or should I look to having a second MusicWorks box using the wall socket and running the power amp plus the extra boxes into it. My other option might be to have my sparky back to install another radial from the dedicated CU into the house. I don’t think that it would be possible to spur off the existing wall socket due to the cable diameter.
I would appreciate your collective wisdom on this dilemma. Thank you in advance for your positive assistance.

That would make potentially 11 units from 1 single plug. Is there a max wattage stated anywhere?

That is one of my concerns, but I’m not an electrical expert, so not sure what the limits are.

Can’t see any stats published anywhere.
What would be plugged into it?
All of this?
CD555, NDX2, 3 x 555ps DR, NAT05, 552DR, 500DR

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I found that response on daisy chaining powerblocks :


[Aug '20](/t/2nd-wiremold-series-or-parallel

“I would avoid daisy chaining them if possible. Each signal will go through more connections, and in the UK, more fuses, so attaching both strips to a wall socket might be a cleaner path.”

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3 x 555ps, 552ps, Nat5, Supercap already utilise the MusicWorks box. 500ps on the separate socket. I need options to power up Rega P10 and Rega Phono.

I’d be tempted to add a 3 or 4 way block to the music works if it’s just for a turntable, I imagine this to be relatively low power as in watts and should be within the max of the musicworks .


I would be more inclined to plug the second music works into the wall and experiment with plug sequence. Keep your power amp in primary position if that works for you.


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