Muso 1 or 2 the better deal?

Hi all, new member here from the Netherlands. Thanks for letting me be a member.

I was wondering what this community thinks is the better deal between the original muso or the muso 2, since the original can be bought for half the money. I did hear the 2 and love it but can not audition the original.

It will be used primarily for streaming and secondly as a soundbar in the living area. Sound quality is top priority.

Thank you!

muso 1 seems the better deal if you can get it cheap !!

Hi, for what I need, as a second room, I took the first one, about € 500/600 …qb

If you want to use it as a sound bar I would have thought the Muso 2 a better bet since it has the HDMI arc.

Aside from sound quality:
Also check the different supported streaming options - the “2” iteration shares the (streaming) platform with the current Uniti and ND-Streamer series. That platform is promised to see “new features” the coming years.
The “1” can be expected to get some bug- and compatibility-fixes, but most likely no new features.
What it has, will usually continue to run or course. (Like direct input and local streaming capabilities like UPnP/Airplay.)
So this also depends on your intended use and long-term perspective/expectation.

Go for the 2. If you go for the 1, you’ll always have a thought in the back of your mind wondering how much better it would sound on the 2 and so end up buying the 2 anyway. This way you cut out the middle man and save money at the same time.

That’s what would happen with me anyway, which is why I always try and buy the best I can afford.

It all depends on how you intend to use it. But the two is significantly better from a sound perspective. And as you ask the question I assume you have the funds. So I would suggest you get the two.

I have the first gen and never had any problems. You won’t got wrong with either.

That sounds like something I would do… Good point.

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