Muso 1st gen and UPnP

Newbie to the forum here and asking for advice.
Muso working perfectly apart from one issue. When I try and play music from my server via the naim app, the app finds the server finds the folder but when I select any folder it comes back with “no results”. It has worked in the past. If I use a different app (hifi cast) and select the muso as the playback device it works.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I find the naim app more user friendly.

I’m also 1st gen and have found that rebooting the Mu-so ( a major pain, by the way) solves playback problems.

Thanks for the reply, I’ll try rebooting later.

What Music server are you using?

I am using a kodi box with an external hdd as the server.

If I access the files from the albums section in the naim app they play absolutely fine. But if I go in via the artist section it comes back as no result.

This is down to the Kodi server, the Naim App just displays what the UPnP server sends.

Thank you

Many people on here use Asset, Minim is also quite popular.
Then you be able to browse by Artist, Album, Genre etc

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