Muso 1st gen + qobuz

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How do I get the best out of my naim Muso 1st gen + qobuz? I’m currently using airplay but I’m sure there is a better setup for lossless streaming.

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Possibly via your phone/device or another streamer. Im pretty sure you can’t connect directly to Qobuz with a gen 1 Muso.

Have you tried a forum search for existing discussions on this issue?


I have a Qb1 and am pretty sure you can’t stream Qobuz.



You are pretty much getting the best. Your other options are bluetooth from a phone or other device or multiroom from another Naim box. I have a Nova and this works for me.

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If you use the BubbleUPnP app on an Android device you can stream Qobuz in maximum quality to a 1st Gen device that otherwise does not support it. Lots of previous topics/posts.

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I use a QB MK1 connected to a PC via optical cable. I can also stream high res from a Squeeze Box Touch via optical but this requires LMS server running on a NAS or PC.
But, I’m sure other low cost, plug and play streamers are available.

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PiCorePlayer is available for Raspberry Pi and includes LMS:

The LMS Qobuz plugin is available for PCP, but cannot comment further as I don’t use Qobuz.

You should theoretically be able to play Qobuz from PCP/LMS using UPNP on the Mu-so gen 1 (the Radio Paradise FLAC streams play via this method), or alternatively purchase a digital output HAT and connect directly via optical.

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Fantastic I’ll try my shot at it , thank you

Thank you all for your replies - really appreciate it

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I have a MUSO 1 as a secondary system. I find Qobuz via Roon and Airplay to be entirely satisfactory in this context.

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Also Qobuz + LMS + Roon = :smile:

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