MuSo 1st gen

After replacing WiFi hub (BT for Plusnet) reset muso and joined new network with no issues, but now after about 30 mins the network drops and MuSo disappears on app and have to go through setup procedure again. Reset hub and MuSo no effect!! Anybody any ideas???

Almost certainly your muso is in a place where the WiFi signal is not now strong enough. Gen 1 muso has a very inadequate WiFi performance, in common with all the other Naim equipment from that era.

You could test the hypothesis by temporarily moving the muso much closer to the router, but the permanent fix is to run an Ethernet cable from the router to the muso. You could try that out by just running a cable across the floor from router to muso. They are cheap to buy on eBay in whatever length you need.

Of course you could also try a better router or move the router or set up a WiFi access point somewhere closer to the muso.

Thanks for the reply but the WiFi signal is excellent in its current position. Seems the problem may have sorted itself out when I carried out the setup process on an Android device rather than an iPhone? Don’t know what difference that would make if any but it’s now staying on network.

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