Muso 2 affected by electronic interference when used as sound bar

Has anyone experienced their Muso 2 working improperly then eventually not at all due to placement in front of a television while connected to it with HDMI ARC cables? I had to send mine back twice to Naim here in the U.S. before we concluded that it was electronic interference. The whole ordeal lasted about 5 months and was extremely frustrating. Once I caught the attention of the right person at Focal/Naim it became less infuriating and I was fast tracked to a resolution but I never did get the details of why it was happening and what I should do to avoid it in the future. The only real place in my home for the unit is in front of the television where it serves as my music source as well as my sound bar. Does anyone have a recommendation on how to avoid this issue? Better cabling? Just find another place for it? Switch TV’s? Anyone?
Much appreciation in advance,


I would guess that an optical connection would work better than HDMI ARC in this respect, as there is then no electrical connection between TV and Muso. It’s also likely to be more reliable as HDMI ARC can behave erratically for many users, although you do lose a little convenience as there is no automatic input switching or TV remote volume control via Toslink.

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