Muso 2 and HDMI ARC

Just got a Muso 2. I was hoping to use it as a soundbar (among other things), but when I connect it to my Sony TV’s HDMI ARC connection all I hear is static. I’ve tried turning both units off but to no avail. I’ve found the set-up settings for the Sony, also to no avail. I also bought a new “Ultra” cable. I don’t know whether the problem is with the Muso or the Sony or some combination of the two.

Troubleshooting help appreciated.

First thing to check is that the output is pcm stereo only.

As Robert says, from the online Naim “manual”.

It’s accessible from Mu-so 2nd Generation | The Premium Wireless Speaker Your Music Deserves
Scroll down to

choose theSupport Topics as shown, enter HDMI in the search bar, it’ll offer a set of structured approaches. Start with the PCM suggestion from Robert above as that is by far the most likely.

Found the page but no help. The digital out setting is PCM - in fact it is greyed out on that setting, so I can’t change it. None of the other instructions seem to be relevant. This is a 2020 model Sony TV - part of the 900h series.

I tried toggling various settings on the Sony - eARC mode, passthrough mode, but nothing seemed to help.

Edit - it’s part of the 950H series.

Sorry, I don’t use a soundbar from my TV, so can’t help further, hopefully someone may recognise this. I’ll tag in @Stevesky from Naim in case it’s a known incompatibility.

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This might not help, but in case it does:

Or try the optical output instead of hdmi; the right hand side 3.5mm socket also accepts optical, you will need one of these

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Thanks, Robert.

Yes, I’ve tried those Sony instructions. I even found Sony’s version of the CEC setting, but still only static

I’ve already switched to optical, which works perfectly.

It may be worth trying another HDMI cable to rule out cable problems (I was initially using a cheap one from the pound shop and then went for a more expensive one. Both worked fine with my 2018 Sony TV and there was no difference in sound / performance). Also tried the optical connection (fixed and variable output) but controlling the volume that way was impractical. Finally you could check if your TV has 3.5mm / headphone output and get 3.5mm to RCA cable. That way you can control the volume with the TV remote. Fingers crossed you manage to get the HDMI to work, as that is -in my experience- the most convenient way of connecting to your Nova (especially with Nova’s automatic HDMI switching when signal is detected).

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I went out and bought a new HDMI cable yesterday (an Ultra that supported eARC according to the packaging), but it didn’t help. Curious about the variable output optical. What is that? Is that a Nova thing? I have a Muso.

And yes, my TV does have a headphone jack. That was option C. Still a possibility. Wonder how much that affects sound quality.

One of the troubleshooting problems I’ve faced is the absence of other devices to help locate where the problem lies, e.g. a second TV or another sound bar.

Then I recalled I do have a ChromeCast 2, which outputs HDMI. Does anyone if I can plug that into the Muso and expect to hear sound?

I once put the cable into another socket and almost went mad as there were no sound:-)
What if you connect another device to the earc socket ?
Another thing might help - a factory reset. Some day my soundbar refused to play and I had to do the following:

  1. Disconnect all parts of the the system
  2. Reset both tv and bar
  3. Enable pcm
  4. Connect everything
  5. Activate ‘setup sound system’
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My system works with following
Dolby sound
Home cinema selected. This also made tv remote control volume on muso.

Good luck

Just a wild shot: on many TVs, only 1 (or few) of all HDMI socket support ARC. It should be usually marked/labeled as such, so you’ll likely have chosen the correct one to be connected to the Muso 2.

As for Chromecast: I’m not sure, but most streamers output “normal HDMI” towards the TV; so it might not support ARC.

A factory reset of the Sony TV did it!

I was hoping to avoid that, because with all of the steps restarting the TV, configuring it on Google Home (which didn’t “take” the first time) and logging back in to Netflix, HBOMax, and Amazon Prime, , it took me 40 minutes.

BTW - I tried the ChromeCast, which claims to support eARC, but that produced silence. Of course this was before the TV reset. Also I have a ChromeCast 2. eARC may have been added for ChromeCast 3. Google doesn’t make it easy to determine.

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