Muso 2 and QB2 with upgraded power line. Is it worth it?

Very simple question: does anyone have experience of using say a ‘Chord’ or similar power line with these brilliant little boxes? If so, do you notice an effect, significant or otherwise? (The standard Naim power lines which are figure of 8, are £5 kettle leads according to Pete at Acoustica!)

I use an audio quest NRG - Z2 on a muso which I got on the cheap from eBay, it did make a small improvement albeit not night and day - not that you would expect it to.

Don’t think I would burn a stack of cash on anything too expensive, probably better bang for buck is experimenting with position / what you put it on - mine sits in the vibro pads from Amazon and they gave a small uplift in performance


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I use Nordost Purple Flare fig 8 power cord with my MuSo 2.
The fig 8 end is a snug fit into the MuSo.
Noticed an improvement in bass, sounds fuller.

Also got the MuSo on an IsoAcoustics Aperta stand, to raise the MuSo to ear height.
Sounds more articulate. Also wider sound, rather than just being direct from the soundbar.

A nice small uplift in SQ, plus it allows the Nordost power cable to fit into the MuSo.


I bought a kit from MCrU and use that. About £80 I think and an hour to make it. Better sound, mostly a quiet background.


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