Muso 2 Chromecast


First time poster having had a Naim XS2 and Kef R500s in the loft for a few years.

Trying to get a set up for the living room with a HDMI input and voice control. My only source at the moment is a amazon echo dot, but I am not tied to Alexa. I had been considering swapping to a unitiqute but space is limited so it therefore looks like the Muso 2 is ideal.

My question is this:

To use voice control, it would need to be over chromecast (is that correct?) so services are limited (no Tidal) and will probably use Deezer. Is there any step down in quality using Chromecast that makes the Muso 2 overkill for music purposes? It’s at the limit of my budget so just want to be sure.


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