Muso 2 doesn’t work

Hi, my Muso 2 has been having problems for the last few weeks ever since the last update.

I tried the reset button but it had a blue status light for 24 hours and wouldn’t do anything. I then unplugged it and now it has had an orange light for more than 3 hours. Reset the wifi and nothing.

Any suggestions?

Have you tried wiring it to the router, or moving it closer? In case you are unaware, this is what the various colours mean.


Just tried that and it didn’t work. Going to leave it overnight and see what happens. Very frustrating

I think it’s worth reminding people that to reset, you have to press and hold the reset button for around 10 seconds.
Also, whilst doing a reset, make sure the Muso is right next to your wifi router. This helps to rule out it being out of range.


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