Muso 2 & Echo Dot

AIUI one can control a Muso 2 if you connect via Bluetooth &/or the 3.5mm input.

Numpty Question: If so, will the sound quality of, say, Tidal or internet radio be controlled by the Dot or the Muso 2? Where is the “processing” done? I don’t want to pay £££ on a Muso if it will end up sounding like a posh Echo device…


I don’t know the Echos in any detail - but if you connect any device via an audio-input (Bluetooth, analoge, …) to a Muso 2 (or anything else), you have the situation:

  • Source device receives streaming, enacts playback control, etc. pp.
  • Muso as target will use it’s amplifier and boxes for producing the sound.
  • One difference:
    • If you connect via a digital connect (like Bluetooth), the Muso will use its own DAC. I.e. the DAC in the Echo should be irrelevant, and most sound affecting stuff happens in the Muso.
    • If you connect via analoge input, the DAC in the Echo will be used. No clue, about its quality.

I don’t know either, which codecs Echo supports via Bluetooth; if it could to AptX/lossless, that’d be good. If it’s too lossy, you would have to see, how good the sound quality is. Usually, best connection would be e.g. optical SPDIF digital connection to the Muso, not loosing any quality during transport before the DAC.

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