Muso 2 - How to suck eggs

So was in JL yesterday spotted the Muso 2 display, thought looks the bloody same for nearly double the money, but USB key was in so hit play, was a big open store, very impressed, was immediately noticeable, for me so much better than the Muso 1.

Muso 2 JL Demo Clip - Click link

The Muso 1 for me ticked the plonk it anywhere and it sings (LOUD) and takes up little space and looks cool, but to be it was never the Naim sound.

Anyway the praise is over.

Where i struggle is the brand/product proposition in such an environment, as in surrounded by major brands for a third of the price. For most they would say ahhh Sony/Pioneer, Naim ??? £1299 WTF.

I like Naim’s little display stand, but it makes no mention of the Naim pedigree, history and other products - DAMN SHAME.

Reminds me of the trouble shooter type series, whereby they focus on smaller shops making a niche and profit by differentiating themselves with HERITAGE as a WHY BUY.

Now if the stand also focused on Naim credentials and other products, upgrade path, then maybe £1299 suddenly becomes a better proposition, for those who demand the best.

But at the moment i can image a NON audiofool saying, hmmm i could buy 4 x Sony/Denon/Sonos for £1500, dotted around the house and all offering a form of multi room function.

With that in mind i was thinking of 3 x Muso 2 for the home :innocent:

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Wow is that what they cost?! :upside_down_face:

Yeah that way the Qb 2 will look really cheap at £850.

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