Muso 2 loosing wifi connection

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So, as above really. The muso 2 has taken to not connect itself via wifi. No seen on the app, with a solid purple light on the side. Did a reset and it is not seen on the wifi.
Ndx2 is on same wifi and is always there.
Stuck an ethernet cable into it and it is found again.
Any ideas?

Another wi-fi problem.
Use the ethernet cable!
You know it makes sense.

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Yes, using the cable is not a big issue. The router ( and hence wi fi access point) is less than 1.5m from the muso 2.
But the reason for setting up on wifi is nainly in case i move the muso 2 to another location in the house. And, the ethernet connection ( like everything else) on the muso 2 is not the easiest point to get to.

did you turn off the router ? if not turn off both muso and router at mains (maybe unplug) wait a few minutes then restart router - once that is running turn on muso - it usually works for me

Router wasn’t turned off. Just a bit odd the muso loses the router but not the ndx2.

naim always blame the way the wi-fi is set up but i think there is something wrong in the firmware (perhaps limited to the way it runs on muso it is usually a muso when it is raised on forum) - it’s a occasional glitch that only affects the connection between the router and (in my case) the muso. as firmware has been updated over time it happens much less often

Don’t forget that a few people have issues and thousands don’t. It’s almost certainly a network problem in your setup that you could solve if you want to.

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Is mine a network problem? Works fine via a cable. Ndx2 works fine cable or wifi. The ndx2 is rock solid.

@Thegreatroberto you don’t mention I think, what wifi you are using. The issue of wifi connectivity was first discussed on the forum close to a decade ago.
Like a number of others, I have Muso, Qb and SU on wifi. Nova and SU wired in two different buildings.
No rooms ever lost, always connects from iOS app to streamer.
It appears that mesh wifi, which have become more popular in recent times, doesn’t always handle multicast efficiently.
Recent offerings from BT are apparently much improved over earlier ones.
I followed Naim’s then recommendations and installed Ubiquiti wired WAPs.

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naim have run diagnostics on my network and didn’t come up with anything - it is fairly often commented that it is only naim kit that has this problem. but as i don’t have access to detailed stats on peoples problems i won’t commnent further

The Naim diagnostics on WiFi networks appear to do nothing useful in my limited experience. But reading a lot of posts on this forum, the WiFi part of home networks seems particularly hard to get right. And it often turns out eventually that the issue is the way some consumer WiFi products handle (or don’t handle properly) standardised protocols that Naim use for discovery.

I recently moved my QB2 to a new location and went from wired to wireless connection. It works flawlessly over WiFi, but at first it was very reluctant to forget the wired connection and I had to try going through the setup routine about 10 times before it would finally accept that I wanted to use a wireless connection to the same network.

My impression with Naim equipment in general is that it seems to be extremely reluctant to let go of any cached information it stores, even when it is clearly no longer required.

Interesting. My Gen 1 Qb switches almost immediately (might take 20 or 30 secs) between wired and WiFi. Basically it uses WiFi unless there is live Ethernet plugged in. And if you unplug the Ethernet then the Qb finds the WiFi and carries on.

No mesh in this house. Just the WAP that comes with my router/modem box thing. The muso is only a meter from this WAP, hence why running a cable is less of an issue. Its the difference with the ndx2 that amuses/confuses me. One is found, the other not. Which tends not to suggest wifi/network?

t is quite likely that the cause of the problem is the wifi. Is the WAP that you mention, a separate unit or is it part of or within the box of the router?
If it is frustrating to live with, beg, borrow or buy a Ubiquiti WAP, use a patch cable via a power injector and with your existing wifi switched off, see if that addresses the issue.

It is true that Naim have made changes I believe, with new gen streamers, to attempt to deal with the discovery to which @davidhendon refers.
That may account for your difference, but imho the underlying issue is unicast v multicast.
If the later is not competently processed or managed by the router, issues arise.
Often peps with issues, suggest everything else works, which may simply mean unicast connections work ok.
Multicast, which streamers and control points use, if flaky or worse at router, will hinder discovery.
IIRC there are now maybe four active threads running in a similar vein - wifi connectivity problems.
In at least two cases NG Orbi mesh used, which a web search suggests doesn’t always handle multicast v well.

Chris, if you are able to access your router advanced settings, if you want to speed up the connection change, before moving the Qb, instruct the router to drop the connection, save the setting and then when you restart your Qb, you may find the process is smoother, ymmv.

Thanks, I might try that if I need to repeat the process, but once I finally jumped through all the hoops in the Naim app setup menu it then worked perfectly.
I’ll probably change my ISP soon so I’ll need to do a new setup then.

I don’t know if the OP is having the same wi-fi issue I had with my Muso QB2, but in my case, the QB2 would regularly lose its wi-fi connection, despite being close to the router, and all other network devices having no issue. As was discussed on this forum at the time, and acknowledged by stevesky for Naim, the QB2 did not, at least in some cases, did not maintain solid connection on the 2.4 ghz band - changing the QB2 settings to connect only to the 5 ghz band of the router cured the problem for me and other Naim Muso users reporting the same issue.

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