Muso 2 not working with TV netflix and prime apps

I’ve got a muso 2 hooked up to the earc port on my new Samsung Q80t TV. The TV instantly detects it and for the most part it works. Navigating the Tv menus have feedback sounds, the YouTube app works, same with airplay.

However, when I fire up Netflix or Prime Video there’s only this weird static noise coming out. The built in speakers work with the apps but once I toggle the sound output back to the muso, the loud static sound comes back.

Anyone know what might the issue be? Am I doing anything wrong?

Netflix will send surround sound, either dolby digital or dts. make sure to set to pcm stereo only.


Thanks Robert, life saver. Just had to change the sound setting on the TV from Auto to PCM and it worked.

No problem. I’m probably still on the first aiders list at naim!

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