Muso-2 Satellite Speaker Feasibility

I know it has been mentioned here before; the ability to pair 2 Muso’s in a stereo pair. My understanding is that this is not possible.

I love my Muso but I wish I could have a bit more stereo separation. A traditional setup with an amp and speakers will not work for us. The Muso-2 was one of the few units that passed the WAF test.

I was wondering how difficult and how feasible it would be for Naim to offer, what I am calling, a Muso-2 satellite speaker. It could have the same aesthetics as the current Muso, be placed a bit of distance from the base Muso. The satellite would provide one channel of sound while the base Muso (the current Muso-2) would provide the other channel and house the volume and input selection functions.

Of course I do not know the technical challenges of designing and building it or even if it would be economically feasible for Naim. I for one, would be one of the first in line to purchase one. Any thoughts?

Sonos do it and in some ways, yes, I think if Naim were able to, they could do it.
However, I guess if you’re in the market for wider separation, Naim might feel that you may as well buy a pair of speakers and a Naim Uniti Atom.

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