Muso 2 Server/USB

Am I right in thinking that the Muso 2 cannot be a server itself? If I have a thumb drive with music on, do I have to browse using the USB input interface?

I am setting up a Muso for my Mum with a thumb drive full of music… is it normal for the Muso to take ages to read the drive? I am getting a spinning wheel on the USB input in the Naim app.

There is no UPnP server in the Musos like there are in the other Naim streamers.

Thanks for the info… I will see how I get on. Would be good to confirm if Server input can provide a prettier UI to select music than the USB input. I have struggled to get this going on Server input so far, but it has been a long week and I may just be being a bit dim! (or maybe I need to leave it overnight to scan the folders).

Can anyone confirm if the Muso 2 does support enhanced browsing of a USB drive via the Servers input?

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