Muso 2 Server/USB

Am I right in thinking that the Muso 2 cannot be a server itself? If I have a thumb drive with music on, do I have to browse using the USB input interface?

I am setting up a Muso for my Mum with a thumb drive full of music… is it normal for the Muso to take ages to read the drive? I am getting a spinning wheel on the USB input in the Naim app.

There is no UPnP server in the Musos that can serve files to other streamers, as the other Naim streamers can. However, if I remember correctly the contents of a USB drive are still visible in the Server input under Local Music, with metadata.
It does take a little while to scan the USB drive, and it will do this every time you reconnect it, so best to just leave it there if you can.

(Maybe worth renaming the Server input to something like Music to avoid confusion.)

Thanks for the info… I will see how I get on. Would be good to confirm if Server input can provide a prettier UI to select music than the USB input. I have struggled to get this going on Server input so far, but it has been a long week and I may just be being a bit dim! (or maybe I need to leave it overnight to scan the folders).

Can anyone confirm if the Muso 2 does support enhanced browsing of a USB drive via the Servers input?