Muso 2 Setup Issues


I am trying to setup my Naim Muso 2 using android app and it is stuck at the screen which says “Setup Wifi” Transferring Settings’. Tried resetting and other options, but no luck. Has anyone had this issue and resolved?
Also, There is an option to configure it using IP address manually in the mobile app; but not sure which IP address needs to be used?
Please Help.


How close are you uk your wifi router? Try closer.

If your wifi router is broadcasting both on both the 2.4ghz and 5ghz bands, I have found that if my phone is on one connection and the Muso on the other, it can cause issues.
Having both located close the router for initial setup as Richard says should eliminate any such problem.

Hey Richard. I am less than 3 feet from wifi router

Hey Blythe, My router doesn’t have 2.4 and 5 GHz frequency. It transmits only single SSID.

Hi Tushar

Whats the brand and model of the router, could help if we know, good luck

Most newer routers transmit in both, sometimes using one SSID and automatically switching to the strongest signal (2.4ghz) if 5ghz is too weak.
On some modem/routers, you can rename the 5ghz part of the network so you’re sure which you’re connected to.
As Martinzero says, knowing the make and model of your router would be helpful.

Curious as to why you don’t just hard wire it… Far more stable.

If using and Android device to set it up on WiFi try disabling your mobile data.

Hi Martinzero

I am using Sky Q wireless router

I had a similar problem a few months ago when setting up my Muso Qb2. I had the same problem with two of these units (the first one was returned). They both linked OK to a wired Ethernet, but my normal Qb2 location does not have that facility. Even close to the router the complete wifi connection would not ‘take’ on the Qb2.

Eventually I found, by trial and error, that by switching off the 5gHz wifi (which has a different name) and only having the 2.4GHz one on, that the Qb2 connected to Wifi as it should. It has been stable since on both Naim multiroom and Roon, as well as direct control of just the Qb2 on it’s own by the Naim app.

Also worth noting that Naim’s Muso helpline were very helpful, and helped me to narrow down the problem - give them a try…

The Sky Q router is dual band but as standard, uses one SSID.
You can log into the Sky Q and change the SSID of the 5Ghz - simply add 5G to the end of the name.
That way, you’ll be able to be sure that both Muso and phone are connected to the same wifi.

A quick Google suggests you can log onto the hub by typing into a browser.
Once loaded, click on wireless, enter admin as the user and, sky as the password. (unless you’ve changed them from the defaults)
Untick Synchronise the bands , then rename one of the SSIDs so you can tell them apart - adding a 5G to the 5GHz SSID is quite a common change and then you save the changes.

Once done, try setting up the Muso with your phone on the 2.4ghz wifi so the Muso also connects to that network.

Hi Blythe,

Thanks. Followed the steps given by you and switched off mobile data (just to be sure) and finally it worked!! Can’t believe I spent countless hours on this, which actually took just a few minutes.
Thanks again for everyone else who helped on this thread :grinning:


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Great news! Well done and hopefully it’ll run smoothly now.
Personally, I only connect my computer to the 5Ghz network and leave pretty well everything else to the 2.4 Ghz one.

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