MUSO 2 shuffle play

Having recently purchased a Zoneripper Max to store my CD collection and using the Naim app for access and play via the Servers button.
Question is, having built up a couple of playlists, is it possible to “shuffle play” them.
i can’t seem to find a way to do this.

In the Play Queue screen of the Naim app, there’s a button on the lower left side:


This will play whatever you put in the queue in random order.

Hi ChrisSU,
thanks for replying to my query, much appreciated as i am not very savvy with theses things.
i had look to find where you suggest but still cant find it. When i go to the UPNP playlists and choose a playlist there is the …, at right hand side but this does not give the shuffle option, and i can’t see where the tab is on the lower left side. Do you do an idiots guide?

I think you’re looking at the Server input pages. You need to look on the Play Queue screen, which you open by tapping on the bottom bar which shows what’s actually playing. Then you should see something like this:

This is on iPhone, iPad will have a different layout, but it’ll be there somewhere.

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Hi ChrisSU,
many thanks. Easy when you know how. Much appreciated.
All the best.

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