Muso 2 streamer not responding

I purchased muso 2 bentley version, only used 3 weeks. Sometimes when it’s playing via tidal directly, usb hdd external but can’t control speaker by app on iphone and app report streamer not responding failed to respond. Try other method stream still working and play music via airplay but cant control muso by app. Both try iphone and ipad has same issue also, only unplug cord power off and on again to fix temporary. I got issue when play music by usb, tidal. I think the product of naim streamer has same problem, because I see same issue on other products on forum naim such as unity,naim,ndx …
Please advice me. Do I need to send my speaker warranty?

I try wireless wifi and wired are same issues. Try reboot router…issue stills available
Im using google nest wifi, on my google home app/ router I can see muso ip, can ping IP muso.

For starters, you should confirm that the muso and your iPad etc are on the same network. Sometimes the google home WiFi is running its own dhcp so make sure that’s set up correctly.
This is very likely to be home network / WiFi related.

I’m sure ipad/iphone and muso on the same network ip range. Because only same network, I can play music via airplay protocol. I also switch wifi to wired for stable and thought maybe wifi but still the same. that meaning connect directly to router.
My topo: google nest router > switch > muso.
Plz help to advice another solution

What do you have on the broadband side of the Google Nest router? As Robert days the problem is likely to be that your phone and your muso 2 are in different IP ranges, and if they are, then it won’t work because the Naim app only looks in the subnet it’s a member of.

Always worth a reset via the pinhole button on the side of the Mu-so.

I dont think it related to subnet. Because I used to use wired cable and set ip reserved for muso.
It seem hung and cant control by naim app. But still be able to play music via airplay protocol, aairplay only available when your muso has same subnet range network

OK but it would probably be worth using one of the free network scan apps (like Net Analyzer for instance) to scan your home network from your phone and check what it has to say about the Muso 2. Reserving/setting ip addresses for Naim equipment is usually not necessary and is sometimes found to be the source of a problem. DHCP is designed to be used on home networks and works well if you leave it alone.

As has already been said, you need to check that you haven’t got two routers running on your network, for example your ISP-provided router and a Google one. If you have then one of them will need to be disabled.

I use net analyzer scan tool to check: the tool shows my muso and iphone and other devices has the same subnet range 192.168.86.x . The weird is while playing usb external/ tidal direct(tidal play on naim app) , when naim app be hung and report streamer not responding, i use remote naim to stop/start , switch source/ switch favorites no effective, but remote can standby/ vol up down and mute. And can switch play music via airplay iphone, cant back to app naim to continue play tidal/usb external.
Only control my muso if I unplugged power cord and plug again.
I think if muso and iphone dont be same subnet, you cant play music via airplay.
I only one have google router, no other router on network. From isp > fibre converter to google router then other port Lan of router to switch layer 2.
Ive just try reinstall app naim, check fw muso is latest with up to date status, reset muso via hole on side muso, and monitor it again.

Please advise

The only other thing I can think of is to check that on your iPhone/iPad you aren’t blocking discovery. The iPhone needs your permission to scan your local network and if your phone is blocking that, for example for privacy reasons, then the Naim app won’t see any response from the streamer because the streamer never hears the request from the Naim app.

There are a couple of places in the IOS where you have to give permission. Where depends on the device and the IOS version.

Thanks for your suggest.
I ‘ve just reset muso via side hole. Today is 3days, and no issue again. Still tracking, hope it well.

It happens again. Can play music, stream via airplay but cant access naim app. It reports streamer not responding.
I try network tool scan, it can scan correct muso ip.
Anyone could advice me? Cant identify it comes from muso gear hardware or network?

From reading previous posts on the Forum, I’d say it is highly likely to be an issue with your router / or wifi setup, or poor network coverage.
Can you try the Muso at a friend’s or neighbour, or your dealer?

But if problems come from network, why muso gear stills can stream via airplay? When got notification “stream not responding “ it seems muso be hung, press play/pause , switch sources, favorite button although light I see switching but no effective, no switch to radio channel.
My opinion problem maybe comes from firmware/naim app.
I will borrow another router to try.

Networks are complex and often do strange things which defy most peoples logic.
There are also many different routers and often they are implemented in different ways, paired with different equipment and, my understanding is that some of the settings on the router can cause issues with some devices.
Trying a different router may address the issue but if nothing else, might exclude the router as being the problem.
Do you use wifi extenders or additional wifi access points etc?

Yes, I’m borrowing another router wifi to test hope it comes from network instead hardware of muso. Because my gear is new and the dealer is far away my house.
I’m using google nest wifi mesh, and just turn off node extend . But Im using wired cable to muso instead of wireless method.
Could you suggest best router suitable with muso?

As I understand AirPlay, the stream goes first to your iDevice, which then casts it to the renderer. Also, AirPlay can transmit using Bluetooth. Let’s suppose the problem is the network. If AirPlay, like Tidal, cannot actually cast over the network, would it automatically default to Bluetooth? Could that be a reason why you are successful with AirPlay?

If that’s the case, it obviously does not solve the problem, but it would help focus the troubleshooting.

Also if an unplug/replug allows the app to connect even temporarily, it would seem to me they have to be on the same network.

Edit - have you tried pinging your Muso from the iPhone?

@Duykhanh2104 you can by-pass your mesh wifi; use an ethernet adaptor* (RJ45 to lighting or usb plug, depending on ipad) and a patch cable, using patch cables to connect each of muso and ipad direct to router, will help in narrowing the issue. Do you have SkyQ or any IoT devices?
(* available for a small price from the usual sources)

@jegreenwood: i’ve not tried to use bluetooth because default factory bluetooth not enable to pair. While the gear issue cant switch source.
Yes i also use iphone to scan muso and can ping muso ip. Iphone/ ipad has same subnet , can ping and see muso still keep Ip address and no weird ip in my network. while issue progress

I dont have iot devices on my network.
In my current network has all devices using network: samsung smart tv, android phone, iphone, ipad, amazon portal frame, samsung soundbar, laptop.
Thank for your suggestion but i dont have dongle rj45 connect to ipad. Do need buy? And what price is it.