Muso 2 streamer not responding

It’s out of my knowledge, so i want to ask other persons have same issue or not.
I try android phone / ipad/ iphone has same issue cant detect muso app

The only time I’ve had an issue such as this, was when I had several wifi access points which I “believed” were all configured the same for perfect roaming between areas of my home.
One day, I discovered that actually, one of my wifi access points was using slightly different security; one was set to WPA-PSK and all of the others WPA2-PSK (or something similar but both were not the same) and once my iPhone had connected and held on to that different wifi setup, it played havoc with my “not finding” the Muso.
Similarly if one device is on 2.4ghz or 5ghz it may cause issues.

Hi again - you are the “OP” - “Original Poster” - the person who made the first post to start the thread.
On my Muso QB2, it was working normally with the DHCP control “off” - so you could try it “off”. Also, i know you are using ethernet connection to rule out wi-fi issues, but maybe try it on wireless - make sure both the Muso and your phone are connected to the 5.0 ghz band of your router, and the Muso is close to the router. And if your router has something like “band steering” that automatically switches between 2.4 ghz and and 5.0 ghz band, turn that off.
I don’t know what else to suggest!

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The only similar situation I’ve had did not involve Naim products (although it did involve ChromeCast products). I had accidently run a second instance of the Logitech Media Server (on a second computer) while troubleshooting. Every so often some of my ChromeCast products, which were accessible by LMS via a plug-in, would migrate from one server to another.

But as I said above, I’m just guessing.

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An addendum to my prior post. Just this week my last Squeezebox - the Radio - lost the ability to remain connected to my server. I’ve had it for more than a decade and until now never had a problem with it. I’ve not made any changes to my system.

No point trying Ethernet. It’s not workable - I listen to it in the bathroom.

Thanks for your suggestions.
I’ve just turn off dhcp function on muso, unplug wired cable, use type wifi connect to new router(netgear wifi). On netgear I turn off band2.4. Only enable radio 5ghz and band N only.
Hope all is fine.

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