Muso 2 Tidal Connect Update

Having just bought a Muso 2 I’d really like to know if the update for Tidal Connect has been realised for it yet? I’ve seen that it’s available on other systems and that the update is coming but it’s not clear if this is old information. All I can seem to do is connect via Airplay from the Tidal app. Am I missing something?

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The firmware update bringing TIDAL Connect to Mu-so 2nd Generation family is current being beta tested, ahead of release before end of year.

For best sound quality in meantime, login to TIDAL via the Naim App; for convenience you have Chromecast, AirPlay etc from TIDAL App.


@Naim.Marketing Hello and thank you! Really enjoying the Muso 2 so far, such an impressive sound. A big upgrade from the Bose soundstage I’m used to. Have been experimenting with streaming masters from Tidal vs using vs the native Naim app, so good to know what the best experience actually is. Have had very different results with the masters but understand from a quick dip into the forum that’s a touchy subject! Will keep an eye out for the Tidal Connect upgrade anyway then

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