Muso 2 turn off during play

Hi all, I brought a Muso 2 recently, has anybody else experienced their Muso 2 unit turning off by itself during music playing? Mine has this happened many times during CD playing last night for no apparent reason. The CD player running normally the music, however the Muso unit suddenly turn off completely.
Can anyone help to fit?


I’ve experienced the same.

Can you clarify? You have a CD player connected to the Mu-So?

Have you been in contact with Naim Tech Support?

In my case Sony CD player connected via hdmi… muso2 completely turns off periodically. Have not contacted support since I stream most of the time. Have focused on chasing frequent drops outs when steaming as priority.

Sorry, I meant connected optically.

OK thanks. I would suggest contacting Tech Support about it.

Have you got auto-standby set to ‘never’? It could be that the standby is failing to detect that play is still going on certain inputs, causing the unit to shut down unexpectedly. This has been an issue in the past, especially with HDMI. Setting it to ‘never’ will probably stop it from happening, but I would still tell Naim support that you’re having issues.

Okay and thanks! I will call the technical team here! Many thanks

Yes I use the optic cable for my CD. Strange! Even I turn the volume higher

Thank you Richard

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