Muso 2 using with Muso 1

Hi, the product information says that a Muso 2 can be linked with a Muso 1 for multi room set ups.

Has anybody got any experience of doing this? What I’m interested in is to find out if it’s possible to use a Muso 2 to stream higher quality Qubuz streamed music and still get that high quality playing on a linked Muso 1 in a multi room set up. I understand the DAC in the Muso 1 is not fast enough to deal with the processing demands of higher quality streaming directly.
Best wishes Amer

I have a Qb2 and a couple of Qb1s, it,is certainly possible to stream Hires Qobuz to the Qb2 (Kitchen below) and Multiroom to the Qb1s (Bedroom in the example below). I don’t know what bit rate is sent between the two, the Qb1 just shows Multiroom.

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Great thanks Eoink, that answers my question. I realise It would be hard to find out if the QB1 was playing the hi-res version because the 1 and 2 sound different in any case! Best wishes Amer

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