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I recently purchased the MuSo 2 and connected via the hdmi 4 lead to find that this does not work on my 2018 Sony tv HD channels, same with digital lead and cannot connect with Bluetooth. Does anybody have a solution for this or could you recommend a tv that is fully compatible?

Make sure you have connected to the ARC input/output on the Bravia. HDMI can be a minefield thanks to the very convoluted handshaking that has to take place and sometimes it can just be a case of updating firmware that gets everything to work. Failing that, send an email to Naim tech support giving as much detail (make, model, variant etc…) as you can. Thanks.

Thanks Richard,

Definitely connected to Arc and firmware updated on both MuSo and my Sony KD 49 X8309C but unfortunately still the same problem on most channels except ITV. I will send the details to tech support and see what they can recommend.

If you use skyq there is a setting that needs to be changed from Dolby digital to normal. There are similar settings on virgin boxes and others. There may also be a similar setting on the tv. Change these settings and the muso will work with HD channels.

Yes, do ensure that the tv is only trying to pass a 2 channel pcm signal, not a multichannel bitstream.

Thanks Jont,

TV connected via my Virgin TV box but also get problem when watching Netflix or Amazon Prime via the TV Apps.

I don’t know your tv but on my Panasonic there is a setting to endure the signal is PCM. Have you changed the settings on the VM box

Thanks again Johnt,

Tried this as hadn’t tried before but still no joy as just get the hissing sound or the tv switches automatically to tv speakers.

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