Muso 2 wont switch to Roon

Hi I have been a big fan of Roon from the early days and after a couple of years of add-on boxes etc Im delighted that i now have 5 Naim systems ( 500 series to QB v1) all running Roon. evrything was running fine until recently when my Muso 2 started giving an error message saying “Audio Device refused to switch to Roon” . If I switch on/off it clears and then reoccurs - anyone else experienced this ? Can anyone shed any light please ? Look forward to your feedback

I’ve seen this a couple of times on my NDX2. No idea why. It was a short lived problem, cured by quitting Roon (I run it on a MacBook) and reopening it.

I have had this issue a few times. But it’s very rare.

I’m getting it regularly . Will close down my NUC and reinstall the Muso and see if that helps

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