Muso 2

I want to replace my iMac with a new iMac 27”. It’s bigger and I can’t use my Audio Engine speakers anymore.
I would like to buy a Muso 2 and use it as a computer speaker but then I will have to put the iMac on top of the Muso 2.
Is it possible?
Considering heating, weight (iMac is 9kg)?


You could use a stand something like this to straddle the Muso…

That imac weighs 8.92kg though, just a thought

I nearly went down this route myself - but went for KEF LSX instead - partly because I felt that the ergonomics of a 27" iMac on top of the Muso would make the iMac just a bit too high for comfort. But this is a personal thing etc.

My gut feeling is that the sound from the Muso might be a bit much being so close to you. It may be ‘only’ a soundbar, but it does pump out the sound in a way that some people find a bit relentless, especially if close to a wall.
Also, I’m not quite sure you would be able to put the iMac centrally on top without touching the control wheel. A stand like the one in Gavin’s post might get around this, as long as it doesn’t raise the screen too high.

Thanks guys.
I’m going to buy the sennheiser ambeo instead of the muso2, it can be mounted on the front/side wall. Should be a perfect solution.


Looks like a fascinating device, not cheap either!

I’m not sure a large sound bar like that would be any less ‘in your face’ than a Muso if you are sitting that close to it.

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