Muso 2nd Gen and BT Smart Hub 2 - disconnections

Hello All,

My mum has a Muso 2nd Gen, and loves it. However, she is getting intermittent disconnections, which she currently resolves by powering off the Muso, waiting maybe 10 mins or so, then powering back up.

She had the same issues with her previous BT router, which I believe was a Home Hub (?? from memory). I recommended she upgrade her service as she would get a more up to date router, but it is disappointing to see the issue persists.

What happens is the following:

She would be listening to Internet radio and it would cut out. This tends to happen roughly once a week.

What is odd, is that when this happens, she tries to switch inputs to listen to her CDs, which I have burned onto a USB thumb stick for her, but she claims that she cannot get these to play, until she has re-started the Muso.

Now, it should be said that my Mum is not even slightly technical, but from her description of the issue, it seems a genuine one. She is on version 5.23.2 of the Naim app and is on version firmware for the Muso. The Smart Hub was only installed about 3 weeks ago by a BT engineer, so the firmware must be pretty up to date, (I couldn’t find the version in the router settings screen, where do I find this info)?

The router is in the same room as the Muso, and she only has a small number of WiFi devices. She is not in a densely populated area, and the BT router is set to auto-choose the best channel to avoid interference (I forced a rescan when I was there and it selected the same channels that it had before the scan).

The difficulty is that I am not there to witness the disconnection, and I am not sure she would be comfortable taking logs from the Muso in the event of the next disconnection.

I tried the Naim Nework checker functionality (in the Naim app) and it said the connection to the Muso was “Great” (for what it’s worth)!

I had a bit of a poke around inside the router settings, and most settings seem to be as I would expect, but there were a couple of settings which I thought may be related to the issue, (or at least seemed odd to me).

One was “Authoritative DHCP” which was set to ON.

The other was a lease time of 1 day, is this normal?

Some screen grabs, just in case it helps.

Are there any other settings I should check (next time I see her)?

Thanks in advance for any feedback…


You will struggle to find a better ISP router than the BT SH2, mine & others I know with them are faultless, I have never ever had a disconnection
You don’t say how its connected, I suspect wireless.
The layout of the house & distance & wall between come into play
I would get BT involved, if it is a wifi connection they might give Mum a few SH extender Disc

Both these settings are standard default, please don’t change
Firmware is in GUI ‘Home’ > ‘Status’, latest version is v0.33.00.12274-BT

Hi Mike,

Thanks for responding… the Muso is connected wirelessly and the router is in the same room with direct line of sight to the Muso.

The radio stream she listens to (almost exclusively) is Classic FM, which is only available as a 128 kbit/s stream… hardly a demanding bandwidth requirement.

I looked through the Event Log for the router, specifically at the day when the issue last occurred, but did not see anything obvious… will dig out the entry and post here…


Edit, log entries are as below:

24 Apr. 5G Client associate from 50:1e:2d:30:ec:3a (IP= RSSI=-59
24 Apr. 5G Client associate from 50:1e:2d:30:ec:3a (IP= RSSI=-62

These don’t seem suspicious at all…

I suspect the BT log will show nothing at the BT end.
Is there any way to get an ethernet between them ? as that will at least prove the wireless connection one way or the other

hi mark
i have the muso2 and same router and occasionally have this problem - thou much less often than in the past. i remember that in the past it was said there was a problem if the router switched channels while the muso was connected - the muso2 stayed on the current channel and so lost connection - switching it off and on allowed it to find the new channel. i don’t know if this is still the case, perhaps @Stevesky could help

Hmm, that sounds feasible, based on what I know of the problem.

It seems log files from the Uniti would be the best diagnostic. Is the same process used on the Muso as on the Uniti devices to collect log files (USB thumb drive with an empty text file named appropriately)?


I may be able to run some temporary ethernet between router and Muso, will try that next time I am at her house.

I agree it’s worth a try to stop switching channels, it’s simple enough to eliminate that as a possible cause.
Change it from ‘Smart’ to a fixed channel number.

If Mark’s Mum lives in a busy internet area it might be worthwhile to get one of the free wireless channel sniffers to see the busy channel numbers around the neighbourhood.
Although I live in a low population area, the most used on the 2.4GHz band are 6 to 11 end so I’ve fixed it at ch1. I don’t see any on 5GHz, but even so as mine always Smart defaults to ch36, I’ve fixed it on ch48

I have a Muso 2 (wired) and also Qb2 (wireless) with a BT smart hub with perhaps the same problem.

The Qb2 regularly disappears from the app. However, it does carry on playing internet radio or qobuz; it’s just I can’t control it as it isn’t visible in the app.

There was a router software update last year which improved things. But then another one which did the opposite.
The firmware version is on the status page of the router settings and I am on version:

I found fixing the channel worked in stopping my issue, but wasn’t great for my other devices, so would only do it for a short time and then go back to smart mode.

It might be worth taking it from 5GHz to 2.4GHz. The 5GHz may be seeing some local interference.

Thanks for suggestions guys, will try them out. Would be easier to troubleshoot if it was reproducible on demand, but it seems to be an intermittent problem with about a 1 week gestation!

Will keep you posted…

Anyone know about collecting logs from the Muso? Chances are that if it happens again, I won’t be there to witness it, I could prep a thumb drive for her in the event it happens…


Your best option would be to call Naim support who are able to examine logs from streamers. They will be able to tell you how to do it and email the results to them. It’s quite easy, and as long as the Muso hasn’t been restarted the logs don’t have to be taken immediately after the fault occurs.

I have switched the 5GHz radio off within her router settings, let’s see if that does the trick!

OK, so it seems switching the 5GHz radio off is NOT the solution. Had a disconnection last week. Think I will get a thumb drive ready for her, so she can obtain logs next time it happens :disappointed:

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