Muso 3.5 jack advise

This is my first post, i’m new to the forum,but not new to naim
i’ve been running a cd 3 through a nait 3 for many years

I’ve just got a 1st gen muso qb and tried to play the cd player through the muso but it sounds terrible
has anyone else had this problem? or is it a dodgy lead?
would love some advise


Welcome Adrian. It could be the lead, or it could be the very high output of CD. I’ve not connected a CD player to my own Qb but I have connected a Ponoplayer DAP via the 3.5mm input and I felt it was best with the output dialled back a bit.

What’s the lead you’re using? I like the old Naim “iPod” interconnect. Chord made a nice one too…

Hi Richard
The lead is just a basic 5 pin Din that i got off the net
i maybe a case then of trying a different lead?
i do have to say how impressed i am by the qb, what a sound
it just would be nice to link it up to my CD 3

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