Muso AirPlay via iOS not working

My setup is: iMac, iTunes, iPhone11, 2x Naim muso, 1x Naim Qb, AVM Fritzbox 7490; all devices at the latest software/firmware update.
I can stream all thee muso(s) at the same time when selecting them via iTunes or via the Apple Remote App. So far, so good. So streaming via macOS works fine. Now comes the problem: if I’m trying to stream direct from my iPhone I see the Muse speakers as selectable speakers. When connecting to a muso, the muso will turn on, and also show the AirPlay Symbol. Also the muso will be indicated as selected speaker on the iPhone. BUT it won’t stream any music and after about 10 seconds the connection will be canceled. I need HELP with this issue. So far I have tried rebooting of alle devices: no success. Also new installation of the muso(s) did not solve the problem.
Thank you for any help, Stefan

Hi Stefan - I’m having the same problem. Did you manage to fix your issue?

Unfortunately NO. I also wrote to the Naim Support, but the response was not helpful at all. Then I tried Apple Support, which helped a little. At least we found out, that one iPhone XR in our household works fine. But my iPhone 11pro doesn’t and all other iOS devices of our household didn’t ether. So I‘ll call Apple again… really frustrating:-(
Let me know, if you make any success in this issue.
Greetings, Stefan

Thanks so much Stefan for your response! It’s really frustrating when there is no clear answer to the problem. I’m finding today that, for no apparent reason, my Airplay to Musos is working well. One thing I did notice is that my Apple TV is ‘occupied’ by ITunes (which annoyingly plays automatically) and if it’s happy with ITunes, it’s not trying to muscle in on the signal meant for Naim. But have no real idea if that’s having any impact. I’ll keep tinkering and get back to you if I find a solution - and hope you find one too! Cheers, Christine

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