Muso and MP3

I have a first generation Muso and for streaming it’s talking to a Synology disk. Fairly recently it has taken to refusing to play any MP3 track, which in my case means (luckily as the vast majority are FLAC) a small number of tracks purchased from Amazon. They used to play just fine (and continue to play on anther brand of streamer), so it is a new problem. The firmware is claimed to be up to date and per advice from Naim support I have reset the device and reloaded the app, but with no change to this behaviour. Has anyone else hit this issue? Apologies if it has been raised in here before, but I couldn’t find it.

The issue may well be with the Synology. If you are using its media server I’d suggest trying Asset. You can get a free trial and if it works then buy the full version. It’s a lot better than the media server anyway.

Thanks - I wondered about the Synology so will do some checks. It was OK with the Muso not long ago and works with the other streamer, but of course that one may interface in a different way.

These things can be very tricky to tie down, especially when it stops working for seemingly no good reason.

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