MuSo and new wifi

HI everyone. I hope someone might be able to help me! I have a MuSo and have recently installed a BT Whole Home Mesh to improve my existing Virgin Media WiFi. I have Asset UPnP on my laptop. Problem is that the MuSo is still connected to the Virgin wifi and the laptop connected to the BT Mesh.

I’d like to connect the MuSo to the BT Mesh, but just can’t figure out how to do it…

I’m sure it must be simple. Please can someone advise me what I need to do.

I’d really appreciate a none-technical answer as much as is possible!!

Thank you


Hi Mike

Firstly it should in principle all still work, the mesh will be assigned an IP from your router much like anything else, and works s bit like a conduit back to the router for devices connecting. I had the bt whole home and its good and does not itself have the capability to ‘route’

NOw that being said are you saying that with your lappy connected to the mesh you dont see the muso?

Logic would dictate that you connect all wifi devices to the mesh by ‘forgetting’ the virgin wifi. On an iphone for instance you goto the wifi settings select the virgin wifi then you can forget it.

You then find the bt mesh in the wifi list and connect to that.

In principle it should be the same on muso although I have never seen one in the flesh but in the wifi settings find the new mesh name and connect to that. Hopefully there is a way to forget virgin, but better still go into the virgin router and turns its wifi off. (its not necessarily the end of the world but if two wifi networks are saved some devices have a habit of switching between the two)

Better still switch the Wi-Fi on the Virgin box off and use the BT app to rename the SSID and password to the same as the Virgin box. That way you won’t need to reconfigure all your devices

Thanks guys, appreciate the fast replies. So, if I turn off the virgin WiFi, will the MuSo then just automatically find the BT WiFi? Or is there something I need to do to manually make it connect? And, if the answer to that is ‘yes, it needs to be done manually’, can’t I just do the same process (whatever that is) to reconnect it to the BT WiFi without turning off the Virgin one? Perhaps I just need to reset the MuSo back to factory settings and go through the set up process again?

Make a note of the SSID and Wi-Fi password from the Virgin box then in the BT app go to Settings -> Change Network Details and enter the SSID and password same as in the Virgin box. Turn off the Wi-Fi on the Virgin box and restart the BT Wi-Fi system and then to all of your devices it will look like nothing has changed and they should all connect automatically, assuming you haven’t already reconfigured them with the BT network details.

Thank you. I’ll give that a go. Out of interest, I’ve already got every other device we use connected to the BT mesh. That ranges from a couple of laptops and phones through to my Ruark radio and Hue smart lighting, all of which were very straightforward to change, albeit it they were done one by one. It’s only the MuSo that’s left! I can’t imagine that I can’t simply reconnect the MuSo to the new BT mesh in the same way as everything else? But, everything in the Naim world seems to be more complicated.

Does the Muso have an internal web page like this? If it does connect your laptop to the Virgin wifi and connect to the streamer from the laptop where you can easily reconfigure the network details.

On Windows use the file manager to browse network devices and if you see the Muso right-click then View device web page. If you have a Mac there must be a similar option somewhere

OK thanks for all the replies. I think I now have the MuSo (1st generation, so no web page as per previous reply) connected to the BT mesh - achieved by a simple reset with a paper clip and using the manual on-line (always a good idea!) in connunction with an Ipad to set the MuSo as an Airplay speaker, connecting to the BT Mesh. So, I can now listen to internet radio which is the main objective. Hurray!

Now, another problem.

I have Asset UPnP installed (registered version) on my laptop. (Note this is a new / replacement laptop into which I’ve transferred my music collection from my old laptop). I can select UPnP on the Naim app on my phone.But, it says “no results” when selecting from the menu

If I open Asset on my laptop, this is what I see:

If I click on either “refresh all” or “detecting changes”, I get a message stating that “rescanning shortly - refreshing library”. But, nothing seems to get done! I wondered if I need to do something else within Asset and / or the Naim app to get the two to talk to each other??

If I’m very honest, this isn’t actually a big deal. I get most of my music via internet radio, especially Radio Paradise, and Spotify. If I like a tune on Spotify, I’ll keep it in my library and also download it into iTunes. Sometimes, I can source (MP3 only, not lossless) the tracks I like and store on my laptop. So, the reality is that I’m not seriously bothered about using Asset, but just annoyed that I can’t figure it out!

Thanks (again)


That just sounds like you haven’t told Asset where your music library is?

You’re right!!! I hadn’t realised that I’d stored my music in a different folder to that auto selected by Asset. And, happily, having sorted that out, they all appear on the Naim app and it all, finally, WORKS!!!

Thanks to all, so much, for your time and replies.


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