MuSo and Windows 10

Greetings All,

I presume there isn’t a Windows App for Muso.
I can stream from Windows to my MuSo collection no probs, just missing “Party mode multi speaker control” directly from Windows.
Any ideas ? No drama really can use my Phone app but would be nice…


Just IOS and Android, not heard the question before, so not much demand for Microsoft support by Naim.

Figured as much, fair enough I can work around it.

There is a Qobuz app for Windows that allows WiFi UPnP streaming, I have used this on 24/192 music and sounds very good. There is also the Tidal PC app.

The Spotify App works well on the Windows machines, just it can only connect to one Muso at a time, you then need the Android/Apple NAIM app to adjust the sound across, the speaker network…(Party Mode) Would be nice to control all your speakers from Windows, but I guess there isn’t the demand, so fair dues…
To be fair the NAIM app is nice once know how to inferface it with Spotify, nice being to perfectly adjust the sound “Balance” depending on where you sit :slight_smile:

Can this not be done with the Google Chromecast extension on Google Chrome?

Is this an original Muso, or the current Mk2 version? There is a basic version of the app that will work on a browser, but I’m pretty sure it only works with the Mk2 streamers.

I think original 1st Gen… Not sure about Google Crome cast, but not a drama really

I don’t think it’ll work with 1st gen. models. They don’t have Chromecast built in either, although they do have AirPlay which would work with some desktop apps. Not sure about Windows, but iTunes on a Mac gives multiroom play over AirPlay.

Looks like I can stream via Windows and use the Android app to control “Party Mode” so that’s a bonus :slight_smile:

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