Muso Buffering

Is there any way to increase the buffer size on the Muso guys. We live in the country and internet is not always super fast.

No, unfortunately the buffer size is fixed. This is one of the issues that was changed on Naim’s new streaming platform, which has a much larger buffer to cope with latency in web streaming services, especially Tidal.
There are some workaround solutions that can help, such as using BubbleUPnP Server with Tidal or Qobuz.

Hi Marcus7,
I would add that I also live in the country with poor internet.
It is crucial to make sure that your Muso is getting the best possible wi-fi signal from your router (or access point) or better still, connect it by ethernet cable to your router.
Performance and buffering will suffer for example if the router is too far away or through a thick brick/stone wall.
In my holiday home, although almost direct line of sight, I have to keep my Muso at one particular end of the kitchen counter/work surface.
If placed at the opposite end, it can be flaky due to the signal having to travel through more of the wall.

Thanks Blythe - I’m trying everything!

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