Muso closure

Some of you may remember a thread that I ran a few months ago on the lines of how portable is the Muso? The issue being that I needed something that could double as a kitchen radio and a music source for outdoor parties given that I have power and wifi in the garden. The consensus was that a Muso QB would suit my needs.
As so often on this forum, the advice was sound - a Muso QB arrived this morning and was making music within minutes and the wife acceptance factor is off the scale - thanks to all! A great deal on brand new first generation QB - there are quite a few out there at around £500 ex dem.
The title is a bit of a pun as I wanted to post this on the old thread to close it off in relation to the original context and discussion as well as to report the closure of my quest. Unfortunately the thread was locked due to no posts for 2 months. Given that many of the queries relating to Naim products may only be resolved by spending fairly large sums of money, it can’t be unusual for a resolution to be achieved only after a fairly long time. I’m not sure what closing a thread due to inactivity achieves as it is still there but locked to new posts. Any comments @Richard?

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