Muso connecting

Muso. Sounds fantastic, for what it is.
But, it almost never wants to connect instantly to my devices. I’ve tried most everything.
I connect through WiFi. And the tv is plugged in via phono. I end up trying a combination of things, dis/enable Bluetooth, starting the Naim app, trying a different device iPhone/iPad/MacBook air… switching muso on/off, restarting my devices.
Eventually with no rhyme or reason it connects.
On occasion it will lose the connection and its the same process over again…

Sometimes, but not often it’s connects instantly.

So, has anyone heard of the same problem?!?

It’s seems a real shame that it should be so problematic, to get some music playing.
Sometimes I’ve just given up. :roll_eyes:


You need wires.


I use my Muso Qb 1st gen. wired to my router. My experience is the wired connection is much more stabile than wifi connection and I rarely have any connection problems. I tried using wifi earlier but had similar issues you’ve mentioned so I switched to wired connection and haven’t look back.

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When I picked up my Qb the first thing the dealer said to me was hard-wire.



I had a first gen Muso & gave up with WiFi. I actually returned to dealer in the enda s they agreed performance was unacceptable.
My understanding is the Mk2 version is much better in terms of Wifi. Be interested in any feedback on this as I am thinking of dipping my toes into that water again.

According to naim website the MUSO is:-

The Premium Wireless Speaker Your Music Deserves.


At the heart of every unit in the Naim Mu-So Family of products is the Naim Streaming Platform
developed by 25 engineers over 3 years to offer the very best performance no matter how you
listen. Found in our $20,000 flagship we now offer this level of performance almost anywhere.


I use a MUSO MK1 wireless without a problem. Although the app. is a pain to use.

If it doesn’t work wireless in a domestic environment (assuming you don’t live in a 24 bed mansion), return it and insist on a refund.

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Well Fatcat, I think I’ll be taking your advice soon as…
I’ve had it (mk1) for almost about 9 months. And it’s slowly gotten worse.
I might try resetting it, and setting it up again. But I doubt that’ll work…
Thanks for the info. :+1:

Many thanks for the info. :+1::muscle:

Not much of an advert for the wireless superiority of Naim… :thinking:

Thanks. :+1:


I’m hoping to avoid wires. It was a big reason for buying it.
Thanks for the info. It’s very useful to know what problems other people are having, or not.

I know, it’s a pain. When I got my first Qb I set it up in the kitchen, about 5m from the router in line of sight. Would it play internet radio? It would not. Would it stream high res? It would not. So I installed a wire. Did it then work like a dream? It did.

Do you always see the QB in the app now it’s wired? Wired my Mu-So mk1 earlier (after doing the Star) and the Mu-So can still only be found occasionally. Star has been faultless so far since hard wiring (tempting fate or what…)

I guess it’s worth a try.
Not liking something that doesn’t work, but might be an easier option for the time being… :+1::muscle::+1:

I’ll try mine later… :thinking::thinking::thinking:

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Yes, it’s always there. I have four Naim things, a 272, a Qute 2 and 2 Qbs and they all work fine.

I’ve had the Muso-2 since July 2019. I also had problems with wireless. It turns out, after working with Steve Harris of Naim, that the problem I was having had to do my particular router, Synology RT2600AC and the fact that I am in the U.S. It was an FCC wireless regulation issue. Naim is working on sorting that out.

In the meantime, I first tried TP Link Powerline Adapters which worked ok but I eventually decided on a pair of Moca adapters (link) which allowed my cable TV coax wiring to also carry the Ethernet LAN signal. It works very well for me and I now have my TV and my Muso connected to a Moca device via a switch. I have had no problems at all since connecting the Muso that way.

That being said, there should be no excuses from Naim for the Muso not to work via WiFi. Period.

The original Musos use a very dated 802.11g WiFi module, so you’re really better off with a wired connection. The Mk2 has 802.11ac, which gives it a fighting chance of working reliably.

I also have a Muso version 1. I tried on WiFi but it was hopeless. Kept cutting out on internet radio and streaming even low res.
I now plug it into my router and it works like a dream.

I think I’ve just discovered that some of the problem is too many people on the hub…?:thinking:
But I’ve ordered a cat6 cable… :thinking: