MuSo doesn’t reset properly

After having several connectivity issues, I tried to reset my MuSo 2. However, after pushing the reset button, the light ring starts to circle and suddenly shuts down after about a minute. It looks like the power just suddenly went out. The light next to the reset button flashes red just before the light turns off and after hovering my hand over the dial, my MuSo just turns on again like it hasn’t been reset.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to tackle this? Is there another way to reset?

I feel like maybe a former firmware update hasn’t been installed properly or something (I’m on version 4.2.0 build 6174)

Thanks in advance!

Are you holding the reset in for at least 10 seconds?

Yes, and the led indeed turns orange. The device just doesn’t return to standby on its own, it acts like the power is cut off and doesn’t seem to be reset.

Is this unit new? If so, I would contact your dealer.

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