MuSo Doesn't see all Tracks on Album on NAS

So I ripped an album, and stored it on my NAS (WD MyCloudUltra), if I try to play the album on my Mu-So s2 from my iPad it only shows 1 track? However, if I try to access the tracks via ‘All Tracks’ I can see and play all tracks, in fact I created a Playlist to do this. Anyway, to force a rescan? or is there another option?
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A rescan will likely do it. If you plan to use a nas as your music store in the long term, I’d suggest getting a Synology or Qnap and loading the Asset server software. The Mycloud is extremely basic and its upnp software even more so.

I have to agree about the Western Digital cloud products. I bought one which was so limited that I took it apart at used the 4 TByte disk elsewhere and threw away the enclosure.

My entire digital collection is now available directly from my Netgear router which has a 1 TByte solid state USB device plugged in using what they call Readyshare with DLNA media server. It also acts as a NAS storage device making file transfers easy. Obviously I don’t rely on this as the master copy but its been OK so far.

My digital tracks are carefully prepared with embedded meta-data so I don’t need any special functionality on the DLNA/NAS server itself.

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Have you tried MinimServer on the NAS? I find it very reliable on my Qnap.

I bought my MyCloud as a file server, but then I started to stream music. It comes with Twonky, which is not the greatest music server. I believe I looked at Minim, but I read that it doesn’t run on MyCloud. Right now, I’m using JRiver on a basic Windows computer with a 7TB hard drive attached.

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