MuSo firmware update

I have just updated my MuSo to what I understand to be 1.8.0
However, the settings are showing Streamer version 1.7.0
Didn’t check the version before I started so I am uncertain if the version has incremented at all
No other update is pending as far as I can tell
The web GUI also shows Product Version as 1.7.0
What’s other’s experience or am I missing something?

Have just done the same on 2 QBs, previously 1.7 and now updated to 1.8

Also have a MuSo, current version 1.7 which according to the app is the latest.

Just realised I misread, MuSo is to follow
I think I must have only just upgraded to 1.7 :slight_smile:

Please can someone point me to the release note for 1.7.0?

I’ve had a good hunt round but can’t find it anywhere. Unfortunately searching in the old forum archive doesn’t show any postings about Mu-so firmware updates after 2016, so that’s obviously nonsense, because I’m sure there will have been some. Maybe someone else can help, but Naim don’t seem to publish much about over the air updates after they’ve been superseded.

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I just upgraded my muso to 1.8.00 yesterday (Feb 14). On your Naim app open Settings (cogged wheel at top right corner) and scroll down to ‘check for updates’. Click on that. It’ll either say ‘muso is up to date’ or it’ll tell you can update to 1.8.

If you want to see what your unit’s current streamer version is, look down the list in ‘Settings’ and click on ‘about’. You’ll find it there.

Hope that helps.

Thanks Steve. MuSo updated to 1.8.0 ok

Recent problem has arisen: when using Tidal via Naim app, tracks almost always now stop playing, a minute or so into the track. If I use the regular Tidal app via Bluetooth, tracks play normally. Streamer Firmware is most recent upgrade…1.8; app version is also up to date, at 5.11.2.

There’s lots about this in different threads in the Streaming Audio room. There is an intermittent issue with Tidal on the old units. It’s nothing to do with firmware updates. Naim and Tidal are working on it.

Mary, check the forum called “Tidal drops out with”. Lots of info there from many frustrated Naim/Tidal users. Steve.

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