Muso firmware

I have a problem with the update, clicked the update tab tonight firmware was downloaded but a box came up saying muso or streamer did not respond in time try again, cant try again as muso has vanished from the list.
The muso has the blocks around the volume controll spinning around and the band pulsing the network light is blue has been like this for 1.5 hrs.
Do I turn off and try again or has the firmware already been wiped.

Not much help here but after 1.5 hours, I’d turn off everything and try again…
Mine both updated perfectly yesterday.

I had the same problem. I unplugged the muso, waited a minute, plugged it back in and crossed my fingers. It came back to life and not updated. I manually did the update via the muso web interface. I was using the Android app to do the initial update that failed. Anyway, the Android app downloads the update file to the Download folder. I used that file to update via the Chrome web browser. Retry the update with the app if you are unsure of the web method.

Thats what I was thinking just checking no one said Don’t do it.

After another 3 failed attempts went with the Chrome web interface, worked first time.
For some reason did not go into update mode so failed 3 times Using chrome first time success
Thanks for your help.

Good news. There obviously seems to be some issue with this particular update. Lots of people will get stuck as they likely have no idea about updating via a web browser.

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