Muso Gen 1, Can I use Google Assistant?

Hi, Can anyone tell me if there’s a way I can link a Google Home Mini to a 1st gen Muso so that I can voice control it?
Thanks in advance.

There is an option on the Google Mini to set the default music speaker (see settings), I tried it by Bluetooth to the Naim Must, it worked fine, but the Default Speaker setting kept getting reset. I think this was due to the MuSu going to standby. I had an old Chromecast Audio lying around and I connected this. It worked a treat.

I can’t get the Google Home app to see the Muso.

In google home if you click settings on the home mini you want to use you will see an option for to choose the Default Music Speaker, you should see an option to “Pair BlueTooth Speaker”, select this and it should find your MuSo. If the Muso has secure bluetooth on then an extra step or two is required, see the manual

As others have suggested, you can pair your Muso as a bluetooth speaker for your Home Mini and set it as the default speaker (in the Google Home app). However, when your Muso goes in to standby or a different source is used, the pairing will drop. All you have to do is say “Hey Google, connect” and your Home Mini will re-establish the connection (your Muso will switch on or switch to the bluetooth input). By the way, I didn’t find this “connect” functionality documented anywhere so I don’t think it’s widely known. I randomly tried it one day and was pleasantly shocked when the Muso fired up.


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