Muso interference

I just bought a Muso 1 and I connect by airplay. Sometimes when I’m playing music, either through Spotify or iTunes, I get some breakup in the audio that lasts for about 10 seconds. It’s like when you connect to a speaker by Bluetooth and are too far away from the device, but I’m not. Anyone have this or know what could be causing it?


It could be that the archaic 802.11g WiFi module in the Muso isn’t robust enough to maintain a stable connection. That can also depend on environmental conditions in the room, interference, other nearby users competing for WiFi channels, etc.

Chris 802.11g is fine and is capable of maintaining an audio connection.
It’s more likely something in the OPs environment with other Wifi users or apps swamping the Wifi bandwidth at the same time, and perhaps the signal throughput to the Muso is not high… also perhaps the base station/AP has no MIMO.

What I do agree is that having a client running 802.11g will limit the performance of any 802.11n clients on the same SSID… which means the bandwidth will be used less efficiently.

I thought you might pick up on that, Simon! I dare say 802.11g can be fine, but my experience was always that it was quite unreliable compared to n or ac devices. My worst experience by far was with a Superuniti, which was utterly incapable of maintaining a wireless connection. It was 5 metres away from a WAP, with a direct line of sight connection. I put a variety of other devices in the same location, such as iPhones, Airport Express etc. and they would be rock solid, but the SU was consistently unusable.

Any pointers of what I can do to find the problem and fix it?

Yes, put your Wifi access point closer to your Muso… failing that create a separate SSID solely for your Muso.

Can you not connect via a lan cable… just for testing purposes. Just to rule things out.

What hardware are you using for your wireless network?

I’m just using the standard router you get from Vodafone. I’ve already split my ssid into 2.4 and 5 and connect on 2.4.

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