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Hi there!
We have problems, when we trying to play streams from Austrian ORF. - especialy OE3.
When selected out of the IOS App, it starts playing for ~20sec. then hangs the Muso and the App completely. (threadmil hangs at “restore cronics 25%” [german: Chronik wiederherstellen … 25%])
The only way is to wait a minute and select another Preset Station “Superfly FM” and switch off.
The muso is connected directly to a 100MBit Ethernet port to the A1-Router (40/10 Mbit/s, 18ms ping times to
App-Version: 5.15
Streamer-Version: 1.8.0
Is there anything i can check for diagnosis?
Thanks, Kletool

I listen to Ö1 regularly. Never had a problem on the Mu-so nor the Uniti Star. :man_shrugging:t2:

Hi @kletool

It sounds to me that its failing on restoring to the last position in the VTuner directory (the 25% etc status is when the code auto browses back to the original location where the station was selected from,for ease of future browsing).

What I would suggest is manually browse to this location in the app and allow each list to fully load. I suspect you will find one list is unwilling to load for some reason. If this is the case, let me know which one (take a screenshot if possible) and the country you are doing this from and I’ll take a look.

Best regards

Steve Harris
Software Director

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Great- the trick did it make work.
One still have to wait long enough before adding as favorite…
Thanks a lot- you did my day, Kletool :wink:

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