Muso newbie loving it

The more I use this beauty the more I like it, especially the radio!

Now, while I enjoy the ability to multi-room using Airplay2 ( the main stereo is Naim 5italic, Airport optical to Rega DAC) I’ve yet to find how I can send the Naim app feed to it & the rest of the house.

Anyone tried & succeeded?

Thanks all in advance

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Glad you are enjoying your Muso.
Unfortunately you cannot use the Naim app with non-Naim devices. These systems are always proprietary and don’t work with a mix of brands. For multiroom use you will need to stick with AirPlay, or try Chromecast or Roon.

Thanks for the feedback.
Much the conclusion I’d reached too.

Trialled the Muso as a centre speaker in the living room between the MA towers…. good times :slight_smile:

Have you experimented with the muso distance from the rear wall? I found this made a very noticable difference to the sound. When placed correctly the muso really comes to life.

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Yes, Both the distance & adjusting the sound profile using the Naim app. It also integrates superbly with iTunes & the Apple equalizer

Adding an Atom headphone is the workaround while I find away to make it work with a suitable Naim amplifier.

Anyone done this? Is there an XLR-DIn cable perhaps?

Great to hear you enjoy the Muso. Now go buy a powerline.

There is, but if you are intending to use an Atom HE with a Naim amp you should be using the RCA out, not the balanced XLR.

What’s a powerline?

Update….have priced out an Atom HE here… that ain’t happening! Adding another Muso makes more sense

It’s Naim’s top line power lead, but won’t work in a Muso, not unless Naim now fit a kettle socket instead of the figure of 8 connector that Musos did have.

So I understand now…. Fairly certain the cable supplied is entirely adequate, or it wouldn’t have shipped with it.

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After setting mine up it sounded so good that I wondered about a better mains lead. I tried a home made 4mm one and it improved the already great sound of the muso. Im really surprised at just how good these can sound when the same attention to set up was applied that I applied to my main naim system.

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